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Web ScrapingData Science

"Everything can be improved"Shinichi Suzuki



All primary information sources are open and legal


We store all information on a secure server. For all published cases we got access from clients.


We make only high-quality information collection systems that do not harm the digital environment


Our work is aimed at achieving the result as quickly as possible without losing the quality of the product.


The opportunities are only limited by your imagination and law.

Products and Services


Search for sources of information

We conduct a detailed search for reliable sources of information and constantly update our database. Over 5 years of activity, we have learned to trust only verified information.


Analysis and sampling

Using the recursion method, we determine what exactly will be a reliable and stable source. Don't underestimate this stage, because the information continuity is key.



Over the years of activity, we have collected and systematized a large number of databases, which you can get acquainted with on the Database page. Samples and some bases can be downloaded for free.


Parsing and Web Scraping

Development and support of an individual parser that will collect information for you at the frequency you define yourself. Look at example and order on the Parsing page.


Price monitoring

There is a great market demand for constant monitoring of competitors' prices in order to adjust the prices of their own offers. All you need to do is create a list of products for Price Monitoring.


Information appearance

For decision-making, information should be in a convenient and effective form. For some it is a file in CSV, XML format, and for some it is a graphic representation in the form of graphs. A good decision is like a shot.


About us

Team and Values● Our team is Data Science and marketing specialists with many years of experience working with large volumes of dataWe have been successfully doing our business for 3 years and we like it We always achieve the goal, because we really evaluate the opportunities, that is, there are tasks from clients that receive the status "Reject"● Most of our customers have been with us for a long time, because the need for up-to-date information is continuous● We cooperate not with internetional customers, because we easily find a common language

How we work


Your request

The client formulates a task, where he indicates exactly what problem needs to be solved, that could be:- Development of an individual parser- Formation of the database- Price monitoring of goodsAt this stage, it is desirable to specify examples of target sites and the format of the data for the final display. In most cases, this is a CSV file


Opportunity analysis

We analyze the received request for the possibility of its implementation, the cost of the work and possible risks.



We adjust with the client on the terms of execution, the cost of the work and special conditions



We develop and test the final product, with clarification of the functionality.



We receive the payment from the client and the transfer developed software 


After-sales service

The client uses the developed software, and we provide support in the operation of the software in accordance with the term license.


Examples of successfully implemented customer-ordered projects. We cannot publish all projects, but this sample is representative and covers all areas of our activity.

Parser for website

TOR:Develop a parser for your own site, which will periodically collect and store all published content

RELEASE:A parser was developed that collects and stores site content in a structured way in the form of a text file and image hyperlinks.In addition, a downloader of images to the catalog was implemented.
Deadline: 3 days.

December 2022

Client base

TOR:Database formation with contacts of companies working in a certain industry to expand the client base of the sales department of ZZR. Agriculture.

RELEASE:A database has been created based on defined criteria. The submission form is an Access database.
The deadline is 3 days.

November 2022

Monitoring of "green" tariffs

TOR: For the needs of monitoring current tariffs for electricity produced from alternative sources, create a reliable flow of data.

RELEASE:A system of collecting information from several sources, with verification and presentation in graphic form, has been created. Historical data and tariffs are displayed, depending on the energy resource from which electricity is produced.
Deadline: 2 weeks.

January 2023

Checking balances

TOR:Інтернет-магазин оновлює актуальність торгових позицій через сканування сайту постачальника.

RELEASE:Parsing of the supplier's site with automatic determination of the positions that need to be updated. The output is a file for uploading to the site in CSV format.
Deadline: 4 days.

October 2022

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Work time

Monday - Friday: 9.00 - 18.00




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